School Mascots

Your School mascot can be put on hats, shirts, sweatshirts or scarves. Just select what garment you want, your school name and colors on the order form and we will get it right out to you. See the Dayton area school list for local schools.


Mascots1 - Aces, Atoms, Badgers, Bandits, Bears, Beavers, Bengals, Bison, Bobcats

Mascots2 - Bombers, Braves, Broncos, Bucks, Buffalos, Bulldogs, Bullfrogs, Bulls, Burros, Cardinals

Mascots3 - Chiefs, Clippers, Cobras, Colts, Comets, Condors, Cougars, Cowboys, Coyotes, Crusaders

Mascots4 - Cubs, Devils, Dolphins, Dragons, Eagles, Falcons, Gators, Giants, Hawks, Hooters

Mascots5 - Hornets, Huskies, Indians, Irishmen, Jaguars, Jets, Knights, Lions, Longhorns, Lumberjacks

Mascots6 - Miners, Mustangs, Oilers, Panthers, Patriots, Pirates, Raiders, Rams, Rangers, Rattlers

Mascots7 - Rebels, Rockets, Sailors, Saints, Satans, Scorpions, Sharks, Spartans, Stingrays, Thunderbirds

Mascots8 - Tigers, Tomahawks, Trojans, Turtles, Vikings, Warriors, Wildcats, Wolverines, Wolves, Yellowjackets

Note: the use of mascot logos in connection with any college or university, or any professional sports team, has not been authorized. Please do not ask.

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